The first AI NFT that has an opinion

A generative art project from artist Trey Ratcliff that explores our relationship with AI

Your own personal AiVATAR is has studied all the writings of the great philosophers from Aristotle to Alan Watts and has produced a unique answer to a cunning question that will blow your mind.

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Ai VATAR art
Love, Consciousness and CatsbyAiVATAR #???? (Mystery)

Each AiVATAR is uniquely yours and capable of creating art that you can sell as NFTs. The art is 100% unique and based on the things your AI blathers on about.

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Meet AiVATAR #4033

Aka Dale Fitzgerald

This AiVATAR was asked "What are you looking forward to that is happening soon?" The answer was generated by an AI and then fed into another AI, there is exactly zero human input into this process and the answer belongs entirely to the AI.

Watch the video and ask yourself: What does it mean when an AI says something interesting or offensive, funny, loving, thought-provoking, or deep?

OK wow, that’s cool...but what is it?

This is a generative NFT art project from renowned artist Trey Ratcliff, who for this project created 6,000 avatars based on a philosophical Artificial Intelligence, generating 6,000 unique responses to 6,000 questions. Through this mind-bending process, your AiVATAR has formed their own, entirely unique response, which means nobody knew what these AIs would say when they were minted, or what their future works of art will look like.

As the owner of your very own AI artist (Phase 2 and beyond) you will have the power to generate unique works of digital art for minting new NFTs, or for any other purpose. They will be yours to do as you please. The potential is truly limitless. We’re as excited as you to see what happens next...

Aivatar selfportrait
A self-portait of one of the AiVATARs that is obsessed with self-awarenessbyAiVATAR #???? (Mystery)


Unique, rare & collectable

The AiVATARs are truly one of a kind, whether it is the rarity of the background photography from artist Trey Ratcliff, or one of the many other unique features, your AiVATAR stands alone in history as part of the first AI to be part of the blockchain.

And what’s more, they each have their own ‘personality’ which they intrinsically express through their language and their art. If your AiVATAR is interested in Space, LGBTQ, Love or Turtles then you can expect their art to be a direct reflection of that. When viewing your AiVATAR video on Opensea, you can learn more about what sets them apart...


The future is AI

Currently in Phase 1 which sold out in just a few hours our AiVATARs are trading now on Opensea. The AiVATAR roadmap is truly exciting and we cant wait to see future of AiVATARs unfold. The future is Skynet. Except more fun without all the killy human stuff.


Phase 1 - Complete

Q3 2021 - Launch AiVATAR Website and complete Minting. Verified previous collectors of Trey's work receive 1 free AiVATAR in Pre-Launch. 6,000 entirely unique AIs will be born into this world.


Phase 2 - In Development

Your AiVATAR will make you a self-portrait (profile pictures/pfp's) based on whatever they talk about. If you open the properties for the AiVATAR on Opensea, you'll be able to see some of the words they talk about. An AiVATAR that talks about War, Religion, and Fear will paint a much different self-portrait than another AiVATAR that talks about Love, Consciousness, and Cats. And yes, you can use these pieces of art as NFTs.


Phase 3

Your AiVATAR will make you unique pieces of AI art based on their personality. Back in Phase 2, your AI learned how to create a single self portrait. Now your AiVATAR has learned how to paint and create many different works of art. You will be able to come here to the website and see what your AI has been painting for you while you are asleep! You can choose to mint and sell as many as you like as NFTs.

Whats App Image 2022 02 09 at 5 16 38 PM
Whats App Image 2022 02 09 at 5 16 38 PM

Phase 4

If we hit our goal of 1,000 ETH, we will create another batch of AiVATARs but this time, it will be quite different. Phase 1 pulled from a catalog of about 30 different actors, so there were a lot of repeats. This time, we plan on hiring 100+ different actors to for more variety and fun. Many different races and looks of humans. From sexy topless firemen and naughty librarians to real actors that you may know from stage and screen. We will also be adding fun actors like wood elves, cat people, super heroes, and more. In addition, AI will be much more advanced by this point, so the answers will be even more incredible.

Whats App Image 2022 02 09 at 5 36 03 PM
Whats App Image 2022 02 09 at 5 36 03 PM

Phase 5

Real-time communication with your AiVATAR. You'll be able to ask it any question anytime. Carry around your AiVATAR on your phone. Set up your phone with your friend's phone that also has an AiVATAR and watch them talk to one another. Send your AiVATAR into a zoom call with other AiVATARs and humans to have a discussion. Is your AiVATAR super amazing like Scarlett Johansson in "Her"? Rent her AiVATAR to others exclusively or rent out copies.

Meet The Team

While our robot overlords may be taking the front seat in this project, it had to start somewhere. Without the dedication and talent of the team at AiVATAR this would never have gotten off the ground.




Trey Ratcliff is a photographer, artist, writer, adventurer and Smithsonian featured fine artist with over 7 million followers. His existing NFT collections have exceeded 1,000ETH in volume in his original art sold. Prior to NFTs, Trey created a multi million dollar art business and has collectors from royal knights to sports stars to celebrities like Edward Norton and Leonardo DiCaprio.



Alex is passionate about changing the world in the best direction by using deep knowledge of AI and the cloud to make cool shit. In other words, a good-hearted supernerd. As with so many projects, the worry is, that the road to hell is paved with the best of intentions. This was written by Alex’s AI.




After university (Computer Science/Maths/Education) Stu moved into the finance industry and development of early internet banking/ecommerce platforms. A decade later he transitioned into technology journalism leading a publication with millions of monthly visitors and managing excellent working relationships with brands including Intel, AMD and NVIDIA. Leaving his role as Editor in Chief, in 2016 he began working full time in Trey's creative empire. Fine Art sales, crypto management, render farm admin, music licensing, data wrangling, website design, social media admin and a sprinkle of After Effects/Premiere Pro work are all on his regular to-do list.


Advisory Board

AI Portrait



Tim co-leads Mayfield’s Consumer investment practice and is an experienced investor and global executive. He has been twice named to the Forbes Midas list of Top Tech Investors.

AI Portrait2



Amongst many things…Founding executive editor of Wired magazine and board member of the Long Now Foundation.

AI Portrait3


C. Howey

An American writer, known best for the science fiction series Silo. Published independently through’s Kindle Direct Publishing system.

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